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Building or Renovating ?

So many things to consider, its a wonder how we get through the entire process, catching every ball that is thrown our way, during the building process.

To have a great result, you need all the advice you get from the experts, which is why I have posted this video.

It's difficult to escape the fact that we live in a world filled with technology that relies on smart cabling to work. I have come across so many people that have not considered Smart Wiring, and have either missed the opportunity, or ended up with messy cabling along floors or internal and even external walls.

If you've built in the last few years and have not prewired for the NBN, you may find your NBN box in your bedroom, unless your willing to pay for new cabling that can be expensive, unsightly and in some cases very difficult. The cost of Smart Wiring is much more cost effective at the time of building or renovating as opposed to retrofit installations.

You don't have to go all the way, but its important to al least cover the minimum requirement. Do your self a favour, this video will tell you all about it.

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