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About Us

A leading provider in the design, installation and integration of electronic systems Your Security Company Pty Ltd established in 2000.
In 2000, the parent company of Adelaide Home Control; Your Security Company began installing security systems and automation systems for homes and business, employing approximately 30 people, securing homes and businesses to date in excess of 3000 customers.
In 2003, we recognised the start of a rapid acceleration in technology. We now live in an age where email is in the palm of your hands, information services, streaming movies and music, blu-ray and "in the cloud" are now everyday terms.
In reflection, the last 10 years has shown enormous advancement in the way we live our everyday lives. This has been particularly more noticeable in the smart homes of today. It can be daunting, but what if there was someone you could trust to provide you all the right advice when building a new home, wouldn’t that be great?
We thought so too and in 2010 established Adelaide Home Control.
The demand for technology and automation solutions is growing at a rapid. More of our customers were looking for the answers and the option of one company that could answer all those questions and provide the solutions was becoming very appealing.
We realised the need to send a message to our customers that we are much more than a security company. We are a technology solutions company.
Our goal is to provide a complete solution for your new home, with a family of products that are reliable, functional, enhance your lifestyle, save you time, prepare you for tomorrows technology and most importantly, giving you more value for your dollar.
We Leading the way in technology
  • Currently, over 80% of our business revolves around technology and lifestyle solutions
  • We now assist our customers with everything from assisting you with your Telstra and Foxtel connection to ensuring you have what is required for a smart TV to work. We have solutions for entertainment, and can show you ways to free yourself from the 20 remote controls you end up with.
  • Homes of today will struggle without a computer network. Most devices you buy today require a network connection, this is commonly overlooked. Home networking is now much more than joining 2 or three computers and a printer together.
  • We always ensure our staff are up to date with the latest products available to ensure we give you the answers and options you ask for and don’t ask for.
  • Customer relationships are the key driver in ensuring we provide complete turnkey solutions for our customer’s, where our systems add value to your home and your lifestyle.
  • We work hard to gain your trust and work even harder to keep it.
  • The pride of our company today is our staff that provides a very high standard of  customer service and the highest level of workmanship, which thus far has laid the foundation for a successful future for Adelaide Home Control.
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