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We live in a demanding world packed full of information, entertainment and communication; all of which play a vital role in our busy day-to-day lives. 
Laptops, smartphones, tablets, media centre's, gaming; to name a few, are devices that are etched into our lifestyle. Connection to the internet not only enhances the performance of these devices, but in most cases is a requirement for them to operate correctly. 
The number of network dependent devices in our homes today has significantly grown over the last 10 years and it continues to grow. In addition, the speed of our internet connections will soon be approximately 10 times the speed available now with the Adelaide NBN rollout, meaning more services will become available to us, at greater speeds.
These are very important reasons to consider home networking or structured cabling in your home to ensure you have hardwired connectivity where you need it and fast wireless coverage with no blackspots.
We can help you with the right advice, whether your building or renovating, or need to update your existing home. Click Here to download the Smart Wiring Brochure
Home Network Services
  • Cat 5e and 6e Design and Installations

  • Foxtel, NBN and Telstra Pre-provisioning

  • Antenna Installations

  • MATV

  • IPTV

  • VoIP

  • Network Design

  • Wireless Access Points

  • Back Up Systems

  • Network Storage

  • Fibre Optic Installations

  • UPS Systems

Smart Wiring

Preparing your home to benefit from today's and tomorrow's technology.

Home Networking

Unleash the technology with our strucured wiring systems
Commonly when we build or renovate, we pay particular attention to where we might need power points, gas, water taps and where light switches will need to be located, to make your home comfortable and at the same time functional.
Often, an structured wiring (also known as Smart Wiring) is an element that is often overlooked. It can be costly and often impossible to install cabling retrosoectively, and in areas of poor access, unsightly visable cable is the often the final outcome.
Our structured wiring system's core benefit is all cabling being run to one central location, allowing for changes in cabling configuration to suit your needs now and in the future without costly and unsightly wiring.
Our systems cater for your requirements now, taking into consideration what additional functions may be required in the future. 
Structured wiring components include :
  • Data Networks

  • Telephones

  • Free to Air TV

  • Foxtel

  • Telstra

  • Wireless Access Points

  • NBN Provision


The best advice we can provide all our potential customers is to pre-provision as much data cabling as possible.


Cat6e cable, which is used for data, has become a standard for many other communication mediums other than data, including CCTV, HDMI, RS232, Intercoms and Remote IP Control. Devices and systems being developed and available now can utilise Cat6e cabling to operate.








Ensure your home is ready with Clipsal NBN solutions
Internet speeds have increased incredibly in the past decade, from 56Kbps on dial-up to 12Mbps for ADSL2, and with the new National Broadband Network (NBN), speeds of 100Mbps are expected.The NBN is a high-speed broadband network delivered via a predominantly fibre-optic network. For remote areas, fixed wireless or satellite services will be provided. NBN Co will provide a standard network infrastructure and offer wholesale broadband services to your phone and Internet provider.
To find out when the NBN will be available in your area visit
Experts in Connectivity in Your HomeOur expertise, range of network and structured cabling and accessories, makes us the obvious choice to connect your home to fibre. From cabling and connectors, to enclosures and distribution units, we have everything you need to get connected!With our quality products and advice, you can enjoy:
• Guaranteed high-speed broadband Internet (1,000Mbps maximum compared to ADSL2 – 24Mbps at best)• Faster multimedia downloads• Multiple fixed-line services• IPTV free-to-air TV services• VoIP (voice over IP)• Interactive multimedia such as online gaming• Video conferencing.
Through innovative product design in conjunction with NBN Co., you can be confident that our NBN solutions will meet all your specific needs. Simply ask your builder about a fibre to the home, and insist on an NBN pre-provision solution.
Click here for more information about the NBN
Get ready for lightning fast internet !

NBN Installations

Download the FOXTEL Preiwiring Information Brochure

QNAP Multimedia Centre

A feature rich system, a must for every home or business network.

Now that youve got your robust data network, a whole new world of possibilities are waiting for you. 


The QNAP All-In-One NAS drive has capabilities for 


  • Computer Back Ups

  • Network Storage

  • Email and Webserver

  • DLNA

  • Photos, Music and Video

  • FTP Server

  • VPN Server

  • HD Station Multimedia Centre with HDMI Output and XBMC

  • IP Camera Surveillance

  • DJ and TV Station

  • Massive 6TB Storage Per Bay

  • Hot Swappable Drives

  • Virtualization Ready

  • and Much Much More



Download the brochure here



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