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VIDEOFIED - Video Alarm Verification

Videofied is an integrated Alarm and CCTV system, which allows the central monitoring station to confirm a genuine break-in over a false alarm or when you have triggered your alarm accidentally on entry.

The way it works is pretty neat and is smart enough not to invade your privacy. Each sensor has a built in camera which takes a 10 second recording when your security system armed and the sensor is activated, then sends the images along with the details of which area the alarm was triggered to your compatible 24 hour central monitoring centre.

The operators can then determine if the alarm is genuine or not and dispatch the police to your premises. If an alarm can be confirmed to be genuine, the chances of obtaining a high priority police response is much more likely as the offender is on the premises.

Videofied is is available in Adelaide through Adelaide Home Control. If your security requirements require a more detailed approach, call or email us for more details.

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