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So you've got 3 quotes ?

Choosing the right home automation system and home automation systems integrator could be one of the most important decisions you will have to make.
Home Automation can be complex and its important to ask the right questions and be fully informed, to be able to make the right decision. 
We have listed some points below that we believe are critical considerations. Doing your homework early in the decision making process will help ensure a successful installation.


  • How long has your installer been in business ?



  • Do they have the appropriate licences and are they current ? Will they provide compliance certificates ?



  • Do they use subcontractors or employees to perform the installation and service?



  • What equipment will they be using and are they endorsed by the manufacturer to install this equipment competently



  • Can they provide genuine references from previous installations ? Home automation integrators typically create a good rapport with customers and in most cases existing customers are more than happy to talk to prospective customers. We strongly recommend this if this option is available.



  • Who will programme your system, will it be the company you chose, or will it be outsourced to a third party ?



  • What is the lead time for service, is there 24hr service available ? Do they have a dedicated service department or do they fit you in between other jobs ?



  • Do they have adequate insurance and work cover ? It's also important to ensure it is current. 



  • Is your integrator proficient in IT networks ? Most if not all systems of today rely your computer network. Choosing an installer that lacks experience in this area could be cause for grave concern. 



  • Ask your integrator if they manage their own website ? If they have built the site themselves, this is a great positive indicator.



  • We have Point One Accreditation from Clipsal Integrated Systems, entitling you to extend your CBus parts warranty to 4 years.



  • What user interfaces will I be offered ? Touchscreen's, phone, tablet or remotes ?



  • How intuitive will the system ? Will you find what you're looking for where you expect it to be ? Can my friends or family operate the system with ease ? The automation should be designed to be intuitive to make your life easier not harder.



  • What are the limits in terms of customising your home automation system ?



  • Can the system be serviced by other companies or are you locked in to the original installer ? 



  • Will your integrator provide a handover kit with all manuals and copies of all programming ? If you lose your integrator, you will lose your programming as well. Engaging another integrator under these circumstances can be very costly



  • Ensure your quotes are "apples for apples". There are many variables that can greatly affect price.



  • Ask your integrator for a complete proposal outlining equipment used and how it will perform and operate. No two systems are alike. Also ask about possible additional charges.



  • Be cautious about the lowest price. If its much lower than other quotes, there is no doubt you're missing out on equipment, time, service or they may not be experienced in quoting. Either way, the result may be poor. The lowest quote is not always the best option.



  • Home automation integration requires discipline in many areas. Many companies expand into home theatre, lighting control systems and data cabling after years of installing burglar alarms or car stereos. Overnight "experts" can be dangerous and costly. Do your research and ensure your integrator is not learning at your expense.



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