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NEW ! Clipsal USB Charger Power Points

Its finally here !

How much time to you spend looking for a charger or do you have a charging station with multiple charges and cables that look like a birds nest ?

The solution is here, and the best part it's inexpensive to install and madness not to include them in your new home or renovation plans.

The Clipsal USB Charger comes in many configurations including wall plates with up to 6 USB charger sockets on one location. Every charging port is a high speed 2.1A charger, providing super fast charging, particularly for top up charging. The Clipsal USB charger is ideal for any device that can be charged via USB including iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android tablets and phones including the Samsung range.

With just about every member of a household that has a phone one of these devices, they are perfect for all bedrooms and general living areas like your kitchen. Don't forget, you can also charge your PS3 remotes as well.

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