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Modular Home Automation


Modular Home Automation Solutions built by you, for you.
At Adelaide home control, we understand that home automation can be confusing. Some common questions we get asked are "what is it, what does is do, "how does it work and how much does it cost ?" Our most common response is "how long is a piece of string?"
So, to simplify the answer, home automation is a collection smart devices used to control basic functions in your home, that interact with each other to provide a higher level of functionality than when used in its own right. These include energy efficiency, convenience, lifestyle, control of audiovisual, climate, keyless access and security, just to mention a few.

Typically, all these smart devices are controlled through a unified interface, like a tablet, mobile device, remote control, voice control or an in wall touchscreen, although most functions occur seamlessly in the background, which harnesses the power of a well designed home automation system.

A custom home automation system can be extensive in both design and deployment, which is usually reflected in a more significant investment. In each case, every home is different with customer requirements, products and customer expectations.

As an alternative to a custom design installation, we are excited to announce the launch of the Modular Home Automation System, by Adelaide Home Control. There are several advantages to this model, which result in a very cost effective approach to automation. 

As the name suggests, you as the customer pick the modules that you feel will provide the most value. We start with the base module which includes the main control system with some initial functions to get you started , then every module just connects to the main control system.


We have sourced a family of reliable products, consisting of hard wired and wireless, providing the maximum flexibility for new homes and retrofitting existing homes.


Our new range of modular products are a revolution in home automation, they provide the lifestyle you want at a price you can afford.

Starter Module

The starter automation module gets you set up with all the basics you need for home automation  plus some features to get you started.

The starter module can then be expanded to suit your needs and your budget.

The starter module includes :

(1) Home automation controller

(1) Lifetime iPad or iPhone user licence

(2) Appliance or lamp dimmer plug in modules

Lighting Module

The Dimmer Module converts a normal 240v light switch to a dimmable switch, which can be also controlled via wireless. With multiple lights, it also has the ability to include scenes, which are great for entertaining or to be used as a master off when you are not home. No additional wiring is required

RGBW Lighting Module

The RGBW lighting module is a universal, Z-Wave compatible unit, that controls LED, RGB, RGBW strips, halogen lights and fans. The device allows you to change the color of the lights from your mobile device whenever you want. Additionally, the controller supports up to four sensors such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, wind sensors, air quality sensors and light sensors. 

Smart Switch / Dimmer Module

Plug it into any power outlet in your home and that outlet is instantly smarter. The Smart Switch Module is a smart plug that lets you wirelessly control whatever is plugged into it.  The LED indicator panel shows the power draw which is also be displayed on your mobile device, to monitor energy usage. It also has a built in USB charger for mobile devices. With a built in over current and surge protector, it keeps your electronic devices safer. The potential uses of the smart switch is limited to your imagination. Smart dimmer also available. 

There’s smart. There’s convenient. Smart Smart Switch module is both.

Energy Management Module

Keep your own eye on your electricity.

Aeotec Home Energy Meter converts your current electricity into something it’s not: a tool that provides you with understanding. Understanding of how much electricity you’re really using. Understanding of when you’re using it. Understanding of how you can use less and of how you can save more.

Camera Surveillance Module

Your eyes in the day and night. The Camera Surveillance Module can connect to the recording module providing 2 weeks of recorded footage, or in can be installed as a stand alone camera with build in SD card slot.

A wide variety of cameras are available to suit all requirements including PTZ and baby cams.

(2) Lights lighting circuits converted to automated dimmers

(1) Control of television

(1) Control of audiovisual source devices (ie. foxtel or bluray)

Television Control Module

Add a TV Control module and watch Foxtel or Plex in all rooms, controlled directly from your phone. 

You may choose to see your security cameras on all televisions or connect a gaming console, the choice is yours

Shutter and Blind Module

The Roller Shutter Module works with motorised roller blinds, venetian blinds, awnings and gates. The Unit is powered by 240v and provides precise positioning of blinds, awnings or gates so they can be set to the position you choose. The module is also equipped with a power metering feature

Voice Control Module

Yes, it's here, its reliable and it wont break the budget

The Voice Control Module is a per room solution that provides provides voice activated control for commonly used scenarios.

This is a great opportunity to make your system stand out from the rest, a must for any home automation package.

Keyless Entry Module

The Keyless Entry Module offers the flexibility of a keyless entry locking solution whilst providing wireless connectivity to integrate into your system. It features a master pin code that controls up to 250 user codes, voice guided programming, weather resistant keypad, low battery warning, key override for emergencies and many more features for your safety and convenience.  

Surveillance Recording Module

The Surveillance Recording Module centrally records all of your cameras and provides local and remote connection to live view and playback, from PC, Mac, mobile device or tablet.

It also provides many additional features like tripwire, motion detection, heat map and intrusion detection

Intruder Security Module

Feeling a sense of total security in your home is a must.

Ensure the assets, equipment and most importantly, the people around you are protected. Available in hardwired and wireless for maximum flexibility, with added features like fire detection, personal security, stay modes, medical and 24 hour monitoring.

Garage Door Control Module

One of the most overlooked, frequently used household entrances is now a part of Modular Automation.


Our Garage Controller incorporates any motorised garage door into your automation network. With additional sensor features, your system will know whether your garage door has been left open or closed and will be able to control it. From anywhere

Intercom Module

Enjoy the feeling of added protection, from intruders and unwanted visitors, with the Intercom Module. Know who's at your door before you open it, allowing optional remote electronic unlocking, if required.

We also have modules that will notify you on your mobile device when someone is at your door, even when you're not home.

Irrigation Module

Take control of watering your lawns and gardens with our Irrigation Module. Easily installed with wireless operation, provides instant connectivity to your smart home.

Easily create schedules to save water or use soil moisture sensors to cancel watering when its not required.

Power Point Module

The Power Point Module is designed to turn electrical devices on and off and to measure their power and energy consumption. The compact size of the device makes it the world's smallest of its type and allows for the product to be installed in wall switch boxes or housings.

NBN Module

Prepare your home for seamless connection to the NBN. House your NBN Gateway out of sight, in a central location for connection to all your internet enabled devices. Compatibility is built in for connection to wired and wireless. Service,  maintenance becomes a breeze. Provisioning for NBN will ensure a professional installation for your NBN and home network.

Air Conditioning Module

The Air Conditioning Module can provide on/off and damper control and connection to split systems. Take advantage of energy savings by knowing your air conditioner is off when you're not home, or activate your air conditioning while your on the way home and be welcomed by a cool or warm home.

We also offer a higher level of integration allowing control of heat /cool, temperature  and fan speed.

Wi Fi Module

Data availability is vital to keep our busy lives flowing, therefore, having a robust wireless network in your home will allow you to connect to the internet, where you need it and fast. The WiFi module ensures you have great range throughout your home, also providing statistical information on usage and other critical data to effectively manage your family's usage. Advanced parental controls allows to to manage you children's internet usage like a pro.

Data Points Module

An integrated wireless network is generally robust enough to provide reliable internet to almost all internet enabled devices. Most devices like televisions, blu ray players, apple TV's and even foxtel, have wireless capability and the days of investing in multiple points throughout the home are mostly gone. However, some devices including playstations, televisions (when streaming 4K), printers NAS drives and computers may require a hard wired connection to achieve higher data speeds.

Multi Room Sound Module

Pick and room. Pick a Song. Hit Play


Control your entire listening experience - access all of your music from locations in and around your home, all directly from you mobile device. Stream services such as Apple Music or Spotify, or Tunein to any radio station in the world.

Its all you your finger tips, choose one room or several rooms, the choice is yours. Make your alfresco area come alove with the Multi Room Sound Module.

Surround Sound Module

Unlimited Lifetime User Licence 

Immerse yourself in the supremacy of the purity of surround sound

The Surround Sound Module delivers cinematic sound for all your movies, TV shows, sports, and games - and wirelessly streams your favourite music too.

Thin is great for TV screens, but not so great for sound. With nine amplified speaker drivers—six mid-range and three tweeters the Surround Sound Module replaces your TV's built-in speakers with deep, rumbling lows, crystal-clear dialog, and immersive waves of sound.

Every mobile device used to control your system requires a lifetime user licence. There are no monthly or annual fees and all licences are easily transferable when you update or upgrade your device.

Upgrade this module and connect unlimited devices to your system.

Doorbell Module

Motion Sensor Module

Every press of Doorbell’s outdoor button notifies your connected home that someone is at the door, allowing you to receive notifications, a chime in the home, and to activate any devices attached to your automation system. Automatically activate devices at your front door such as welcome lights and security cameras. Get smart phone notifications 

This clever device is fully wireless and installation is a breeze. Perfect for walk in robes, pantries and porches. The optional LED bulb replaced your existing bulb for instant integration. Fully wireless with no modification to existing electrical wiring. The LED bulb is a multicolour globe, also perfect for entertaining areas. 

TV Installation Module

Take the hassle out of installing and setting up your new television. Our experienced team can handle any wall to get your TV looking good. We have a huge range of brackets to suit all applications including motorised brackets. We take care of any custom power requirements, connection to remote sources and antenna connection.

TV Remote Module

Our control systems allow every member of the family to easily operate even the most sophisticated equipment. With one-touch control and automation of audio, video, and other automation, RTI can eliminate the clutter and confusion of multiple remotes, so more time can be spent enjoying your viewing experience.

Portable Sound Module

Range Extender Module

Pick and room. Pick a Song. Hit Play


Control your entire listening experience - access all of your music from locations in and around your home, all directly from you mobile device. Stream services such as Apple Music or Spotify, or Tunein to any radio station in the world.

Its all you your finger tips, choose one room or several rooms, the choice is yours. Make your alfresco area come alove with the Multi Room Sound Module.

Every system is unique in design. A number of factors can affect the wireless range of our devices, which can affect operation. 

The range extender closes the gap on any range issues that may arise, to ensure stable and reliable operation. In some instances, the requirement for one or more range extenders may not be realised prior to installation.

Pool Control Module

Complete pool and Spa control at the touch of a button


Easily access and manage pool and spa features anytime, anywhere.

Control pool and spa lights, water features, pool pumps and valves, seasonal control, landscape lighting and more....

Gate Access Module

A great solution for your front gate to allow access to authorised persons.


A perfect match to you intercom system, or can be used stand alone. to grant access at the touch of a button, and keep unwanted visitors out.

The contents and information on this page is intended for general marketing purposes. All information is correct at the time of publishing, however is subject to change without notice. Adelaide Home Control, its employees, agents and other representatives will not accept any liability suffered or incurred by any person out of, or in connection with any reliance on the information provided on this page. Please confirm with our representatives for detail on specific requirements, operation or functionality required for your system. 

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