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HDMI Distribution


Distribute HDMI sources all over your home from one location.

Over the last 20 years, we have embraced media and all it has to offer. We watch more Television and listen to more music than what we ever have.


Recent statistics shown on the left clearly demonstrate how we have transitioned from a single TV in the lounge room  family 

to homes with Televisions throughout the home, with an average of 3 televisions in a home as at 2009. Competing with that is the HDMI revolution. We now have 3D and smart televisions giving us more value than ever  before. Almost every audio device has HDMI as it's primary source output, providing 1080p high definition viewing, which very much an expectation in todays lifestyles. This scenario poses two considerations.


Firstly, this multiplies the number if sources at each TV location which can be costly and also unsightly, particularly when over ninety percent of television installations are wall mounted. HDMI distribution provides a method of containing all of your source devices (i.e. Foxtel  DVD, apple TV, media centres, play stations etc) in one central location, providing every television in your home, access to all source devices.


Secondly is how to control your TV and all your source devices effectively. In most cases, you could end up with 20 remote controls, which can be a nightmare to control.


When your source devices are in another location, this also creates an issue in controlling them as infra red requires line of sight to operate. We easily overcome this with our RTI Control Solution as well as providing seamless operation, to do something as simple as watch foxtel or free to air.


If you have more then 3 televisions in your home, talk to us about how we make the experience of enjoying your media more enjoyable.



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