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Medical Alarms


Help is Never Far Away !


When it comes to Personal and Medical emergency  we have it covered. We have a range of products to suit your requirements and budget. Our systems provide peace of mind, knowing help is never far away.


Our medical and personal emergency systems provide additional support to the elderly or persons that may require assistance, in particular if they reside in their home alone.


The system can be configured to act in the following ways :



  • Request for assistance - portable activation keys in the form of a wristband or pendant which is work at all times, when activated, will communicate to our 24 hour response centre, where they will take action according to a specific action plan. This may include calling relatives or medical services to respond.






  • Daily Check In - This feature requires the user to activate a "check in" button on the main  control unit, which is usually located near the main telephone. Failure to activate this button on a daily basis would cause the response centre to be notified and take appropriate action.





  • Movement Monitoring - Motion Sensor/s are installed to enable this feature, generally in main areas of the home. Failure to detect movement in a given period of time, would notify the call centre with an alarm, with response according to the action plan.



For as little as $299 upfront and $0.94c per day, you can protect your loved ones and have peace of mind, knowing they are not alone.


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