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What is                        ?

Sonos speakers are beautifully designed to fill your entire home with music. Use one simple app to stream different tunes in different rooms. Or send one amazing song all through the house.

Sonos is the smart speaker system that uses your Wi Fi to stream the music you love throughout your home. One easy-to-use app gives you complete control of your entire home listening experience – access all your music, pick any room or every room, and immerse yourself in pure, richly detailed sound.

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Sonos Play 1
Sonos PLAY 1

Fits anywhere, has deep bass

and plenty of power.

Sonos Play 3
Sonos Play 3

Even deeper bass, and even more power.

Sonos Play 5
Sonos Play 5

Fits anywhere, has deep bass

and plenty of power.

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Sonos Playbar

Designed to keep the focus on the TV, PLAYBAR's minimal, 1 piece layout features a clean matte cloth exterior and an aluminium finish. Set it on your TV stand or mount it on the wall near your television.

Sonos Playbar
Sonos Playbar

PLAYBAR performs 24 million calculations per second, allowing each driver to add or subtract its output for perfect balance. It contains 6 woofers and three tweeters, with left and right tweeters angled outward, to cast the widest possible soundstage.

Sonos Sub
Sonos Multi Room Audio

Start with PLAYBAR

Add a SUB

Get Surrounded

From music to movies, feel every fight scene and bass line when you add a sub to your home theatre. SUBS force-cancelling design eliminates rattle and delivers bottomless sound, whether you place it upright, or slide it under the couch.

Sonos Bridge


Connect to your router so players can go anywhere and work wirelessly.

Sonos Connect

Turn your speakers into a music streaming system with our high-powered amplifier

Sonos Connect Amp

Turn your stereo or home theatre into a music streaming system. 

Access All The Music on Earth with Music Services.

Find everything you want to hear from your iTunes library, the latest and greatest music streaming services or internet radio from around the world. Whatever you want, we’ve got you covered.


Your Library

Play music housed on up to 16 PCs, Macs or other storage devices on your home network.


Your Mobile Device

Wirelessly play your music library directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device.



Internet Radio

Get over 100,000 free pre-loaded internet radio stations, shows and podcasts. Browse stations, type in specific call letters or search for your favorite radio host.



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