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11 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adelaide Home Control


  • Our consultation process is second to none, ensuring our service not only meets your expectations now, but also expectations you may have in the future.


  • Our technicians are fully trained and up to date with the latest technology. Our industry is one of the most challenging in terms of evolving products, which are constantly changing and improving. We know that to provide you with the latest and greatest, we must understand and keep our finger in the pulse; so we do.


  • We strive for the highest possible installation practices; refusing to take short cuts, always taking aesthetics into account. After all, it’s important.


  • Integration is a key focus on all our installations. We exhaust every avenue to ensure, where possible all systems work together to deliver a truly functional system.


  • “We are with you from beginning to end“. After your system is installed and handed over, we don’t leave you; we are with you for the whole journey. Call us, we’ll be there.


  • We care about your hard earned money, no matter what your budget, our goal is help you use it wisely, giving you the biggest bang for your buck.


  • We feel your joy the first day you start using your automation system; we also feel the pain of some customers who have missed out on the last 10% or effort into their system, missing out on important features, which often don’t cost anything.


  • We are part of a linked network that can arrange recourses to guarantee delivery, no matter how big your job may be.


  • The Buck stops with Adelaide Home Control. We don’t play the blame game. As we take control over the entire project, there is no need to negotiate with numbers of trades and ensure they work together, we do that for you. It also provides efficiency and consistency throughout your project.


  • Customer testimonials reinforce our message, and are available on request.


  • We have Point One Accreditation from Clipsal Integrated Systems, entitling you to extend your CBus parts warranty to 4 years.

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