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Intercom Systems


Providing security solutions to a high risk world. Analogue and IP solutions for all applications.
Intercoms are a great way to increase your physical security. Intercom systems allow gates and doors to remain locked at all times, with the convenience of being able to communicate with visitors from the safety of your home or office and allowing access when required, via electronic locking devices.
Our intercom solutions range from simple cost effective audio intercoms to video intercoms we also offer a range of  IP solutions that can alert you when someone’s at your door, even when your not home. Some IP models are capable of connecting to a SIP server, allowing integration into your IP phone system.
We also offer multi-tenant systems and integrated access control systems.
Aiphone Intercom
Dahua Intercom
Panasnic Intercom


DB Series Audio Intercom


JO Series Video Intercom


JK Series Video Intercom


JF Series Video Intercom


JP Series Video Intercom

The DB Series is a superior and modern audio only entry system designed for new construction or to replace existing audio systems. Providing door entry security and room to room communication (internal & external), the DB Series is the practical solution for access control in the home or office! 


The DB series has a capacity of 1 door station and 5 room stations, with a very simple wiring method, making the DB series a very cost effective solution.

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The JO Series conveniently identifies visitors at locked doors and provides the facility to unlock doors or gates to welcomed guests. Room stations feature easy to use touch buttons and a large, 7” video screen.


The JO Series can accommodate one door and up to two inside stations. 

You'll be surprised at how affordable the JO Series really is.

Now available with a mobile app for additional convenience.

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Aiphone's advanced camera and monitor of the JK series expand your field of vision with its panoramic wide angle view camera. Most video intercom's only allow you to see directly in front, whereas the JK series enables you to see persons standing on the side and people with short or tall heights can also easily be identified.


The door station comes in a vandal proof surface and flush door station. The JK Series has the capacity for one door station and two room stations, with inter-room communication.


Aiphone intercoms also have an optional recording function, that records footage every time the doorbell is pressed, ensuring you'll never miss a visitor. 


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Aiphone's JF series is similar to the JK with some subtle differences. The recording function is a standard feature of the JF Series and it can support two door stations with three room stations. The JF does not however support the panoramic camera feature.


The door station comes in a vandal proof surface and flush door station. The JK Series has the capacity for two door stations and three room stations, with inter-room communication.


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Aiphone's JP series is the flagship of the residential range. It boasts all the features of of the other models including a 7"touchscreen for easy navigation, picture memory, hands-free or handset communication, smartphone integration, pan-tilt-zoom with 170 degree wide angle lens and up to 600m distance between the farthest sub station.


The door stations comes in a vandal proof surface and flush door station. The JK Series has the capacity for four door stations and eight room stations, with inter-room communication.


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The Aiphone GT series is a modular system, allowing multiple configurations to suit any application.


Available in audio and video models, servicing 16 entrances and 500 tenants to suit applications like apartments, offices, high rise complexes, dormitories and campuses and assisted living communities.


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GT Series Multi-Tenant Intercom


Access Keypad and Integrated Plate

The Aiphone integrated keypad is a convenient add on, providing keyless access to your home from outside.

The AC10, available in surface and flush models are designed to seamlessly integrate into your Aiphone door station. 

An optional flush mount integrated mounting plate is also available to fully integrate the units together.




Wireless Video Intercom

The Panasonic intercom is one of the most stylish intercoms available today, made of weather resistant anodised aluminium to give it a very special look.


One of the greatest features of this system is the ability to add wireless room stations easily and cost effectively, with the ability to add on later seamlessly.

Featuring a wide angle lens for maximum coverage, with picture memory by just adding an SD card (not included)


It also has the capacity to connect up to 4 wireless cameras for additional security.


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Panasonic's new range of hard wired intercoms are superbly designed to match the sophistication and style of any home.

These are the thinnest models yet, with particular attention being paid to the materials and coatings used for the surface of the room stations, resulting in a gently curved, metallic-looking design.

The room stations is available in white, silver and the popular mirror finish, if your'e looking for that "little touch of class".

Panasonic's door station boasts a 1.3MP camera with night vision and the system can accomodate 4 room stations in total with 2 door or gate stations. The VL Series is capable of recording up to 50 images of visitors, while you were not home.

The rooms stations have a 7 inch colour screen offering easy viewing of wide vertical and horizontal angles.

The Panasonic system definitely packs a great punch for value for money, offering a feature packed system, from a name we all know very well.


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Video VL Series Intercom

Dahua Intercom

The Dahua Video Intercom is a powerful system, packed with some really great features.

Dahua Technology brings you the benefits of a conventional  intercom, boasting a colour 7" touchscreen and a 1.3MP door station, combined with internet connectivity to alert you of visitors on your mobile device, when your away from home.

The system will allow you to speak to your visitor and allow access if required, a must have to let your lawn or pool contractor in, whilst maintaining the highest security for your home, by not having to leave gates open or the inconvenience of having to be home to let anyone in.

When you have a Dahua surveillance system installed, the 7" touchscreen can connect to your Dahua  HD cameras, so you can view your CCTV from your intercom touchscreen, providing greater convenience and security. 

Multiple door stations and room stations are supported, providing ultimate flexibility to cater to your requirements.

Dahua will help you to never miss another visitor or important delivery again, whilst keeping unwanted visitors at away.

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Wired Intercom


Wi Fi Intercom

Boasting all the features of the Dahua hard wired system, the Dahua Wi Fi

intercom system is finally available to suit applications where cabling is not possible or cost effective. It also an ideal alternative for existing intercom installations, where cabling has been damaged and cannot be repaired or replaced.

The sleek looking door station has a built in access reader for card or fob access, and also has the ability to unlock the gate or door.

The system does require low voltage power at each door and room station, which can be localised, avoiding major cabling works. If required the system can also be fully hard wired.

It is important to note that this system requires a robust Wi Fi network to operate effectively. We can assist with upgrades of your Wi Fi if required.


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Keypad, Keytag and Biometric Readers

The Sebury range of readers, are a single door stand alone multifunction access controller with Keypad, Key Tag and Biometric compatibility.


With both relay output for stand alone operation and smart output for when connecting to 3rd party access controllers, security or automation systems, this vandal resistant, weatherproof access system provides great flexibility for any application. 


These features make the Sebury range of access keypads an ideal choice for door access not only for residential and small business, but also for commercial and industrial applications such as factories, warehouses, schools and kindergartens.


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